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Who we are

Science4you is an innovative European company that develops, produces and sells educational and scientific kits which provide experiments for kids. Our science toys have been awarded in many occassions because of their innovation and use in teaching environments.

Why we should choose Science4you kits?

Science4you’s mission is to raise children’s science awareness by showing them how it can be used on the daily life with our Science Kits. Through playing our educational toys, children will develop different skills included in Brain Activator toys such as creativity, concentration, social skills. Science4you kits combine fun with real-world education by fostering curiosity and experimentation. Kids will enjoy playing with parents and friends while learning about different scientific areas such as: sciencechemistry, physics, astronomy, among many other fields. All with our educational toys which include an educational book with scientific based content dedicated to different areas of school curriculums. Moreover, the content of the books are all based on scientific studies and they all have fun, exciting and easy to make experiments for kids.

Finally, all Science4you products are included into the category STEM toys as they provide kids with knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathemathics while they are playing. They also help to improve logical and critical thinking, to increase kids' curiosity and to make them aware of their surroundings.

Where can I get Science4you toys?

You will be able to find all our science kits on our webpage, just search and click on them to see the information, photos and video of the toy you are interested in, or have a look on our catalogue. However, we invite you to browse our collections from time to time since we are constantly updating new products. Science never stops!

Furthermore you can buy them on our online toy shop, without leaving the convenience of your home, as well as finding them in our retailers shops.

The Little Scientist's Blog - Science4you

Why do mosquitoes bite us?

July 21, 2017

Bzzz… Bzzz… Bzzz… Do you also think that you are the only one who is constantly attacked by mosquitoes? Well… Discover what you can do to avoid it, little scientist! Do all mosquitoes bite? First, you should know that not all of them bite us, only females! While males collect nectar, sap and fruit juice, females feed with our blood. This insect has two wings and a developed horn which is able to break through human and some animal skin in order to suck blood, producing a blotched pock which itches so much that we cannot stop scratching! Moreover, they make such a disturbing noise when they fly that impede us to sleep!  Why are we bitten? Female mosquitoes suck...

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