Creative Box Montessori| Multilingual

Creative Box Montessori| Multilingual

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Let's think outside the Box?

Unleash your imagination and creativity with this new manual activity kit for children.  

The Creative Box, inspired by Montessori pedagogy, is a toy with 74 contents and infinite creative challenges, that will allow children to invent and create incredible "things" that no one has ever seen before. 

A kit full of educational activities and manuals for children, that appeals to creativity and reasoning and to the development of their cognitive skills.   

Recommended age: +6 years

The basis of the Montessori method is to offer natural materials that allow children to explore the world and develop their cognitive abilities. This pedagogy encourages long periods of concentration crucial to the learning process. 

Children must be able to think and act on their own, so that their confidence and inner discipline develop along the way.

Inside this kit, the child will find a variety of materials. The child should be encouraged to explore the materials and understand how they can be linked together to create whatever they want. The kit includes cards with suggestions and images to serve as a starting point for their creations. These cards are just the first step and are never a barrier to creativity. The child is free to choose a new type of creation that they want to try out. 

The creative box
includes everything for making their own craft projects, such as: origami sheets, play dough, decorative eyes, balloons, feathers, polystyrene balls, wooden sticks and much more!

Includes instructions in 7 languages (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch).

 Let's think outside the box?

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