Where and When did it start?

Science4you S.A was founded in January 2008 by Miguel Pina Martins, in a  partnership with the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCUL).

Who are we and what do we do?

At Science4you we develop, produce and sell educational and scientific toys that allow kids to have fun and play while learning new skills!

What distinguishes us?

At Science4you we are committed to create educational and scientific toys to improve education levels in society, and allow children to learn while playing. Science4you toys are inspired by the STEAM methodology. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. These toys help children to acquire knowledge in these 5 areas, stimulating their skills while playing.

Furthermore, our products include the Brain Activator stamp, what means that kids will develop some skills like concentration, vocabulary, creativity, memory, reasoning, learning, social and manual skills while playing and enjoying themselves.

All the Science4you toys include an educational book that is much more than a simple instruction manual. The book presents, in a simple and illustrated way, educational contents on the theme of the toy and proposes the realization of fun experiences.

Robots, Biology, Cosmetic, Dinossaurs, Slimes, Physics and Chemistry, Tech and much more to discover. Which one is your favorite? With Science4you toys you can be who you want, there are no limits for imagination!

Science4you Worldwide

We are now present in over 45 countries, among them: Brazil, United States, Japan, Mozambique, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Poland, Greece, Italy, Canada, Australia.

Our International Awards

2020 |  Gold Award, BlogOn Toy Awards, Ecotoys Category (Green Science)

               Silver Award, Independent Toy Awards 2020 - Toy Shop UK, Eco Toys category

               Toy Award 2020, Eco Toys

2017 |   Educational Toys, My Kid Needs That - Top Rated

2016 |   Independent Toy Awards - Silver in Edicational Toys Category

                European Business Awards - Chairman's Selection Award, Ruban d'Honneurs e National Champion Award;

                Category Creative Kits, ZABAWKA ROKU TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD

                Educational Toys, PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARDS;


2015 |  Winner, TOY TALK AWARDS), THE TOY VEREDICT AWARDS 2015 Finalist;

               Sweet Factory Toy, SILVER MEDAL INDEPENDENT TOY AWARDS;

               Educational Toys, PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARDS;

                  Innovation Trophy, LUSO-FRENCH TROPHIES;

               Ecologic Greenhouse, JURI'S AWARD FOR SCIENTIFIC TOY G Come Giocare's Fair, Italy;

               Audience Award in Manual Constructions and Scientific Category, IBERTOY AWARD 2015;

               Brand of the Year, "EXAME INFORMÁTICA" MAGAZINE;

               Presidency of the Republic Award: Order of Business Merit, Business Merit;

2014 |  Business Merit Medal, Loures City Council;

               Leader Award in Entrepreneurship, LIDE Portugal;

               Start Up of the Year, Portugal Ventures;

2013 | Brand of the Year, TIME OUT LISBON AWARDS;

              Work Excellence Award, Heidrick & Struggles;

              Business Internationalization Award, British Government;

2011 |  European Enterprise Awards, Internationalization Category