Brain Activator
The Brain Activator seal indicates the educational skills which can be stimulated by each Science4you toy. It includes the development of Motor, Emotional, Social and Cognitive Skills through playing and learning.

One of the main aims of Science4you is developing educational toys that combine fun with education by fostering curiosity as well as improve essential skills in kids for their growth. Find out below which skills can be developed with our toys:

Our toys encourage kids to perform tasks in a new or different way than usual. 

Kids will also improve their social skills with our kits, through interaction and knowledge sharing. 

Improvement of the ability to enconde. Store and retrieve various kinds of information. 

Our toys allow kids to improve their fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination wich is the basis of simple movements such as writing. 

Language developement vocabulary enrichment and communication skills are improved with our toys. 

Our toys allow kids to improve their fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye oordination which is the basis of simple movements, such as writing. 

Our toys develop the ability to abstract from distractions and focus on particular task, focusing on the really important informations. 

Our toys improve their ability of dealing with problemas, associations and deduction skills.