Super Rocket - Multilingue

VAT included

Ready for a space adventure to Mars in a super rocket?

Become an aerospace engineer and launch a fantastic science rocket up to 20 meters into space! You can launch your rocket with a chemical reaction or with mechanical force, both incredibly powerful!

Discover with the 13 experiments and activities available in this educational toy, how to design and create the shape of your rocket with fun prototypes and blow-up rockets! Find out all about propulsion and make rocket fuel! Assemble an awesome space rover and lander! All to get ready to launch your powerful rocket into space!

Recommended age: +8 

Super Rocket - Launch a Rocket, a science toy that will allow children to take a trip into space and learn more about the science behind rockets. 

Find out how to:
- Design and develop each rocket system.

- Test the performance of different rocket prototypes

- Launch a super rocket 20 metres in the air

Includes instructions in 7 languages (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch).


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