Magic Board 3D- Dinosaurs

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If you love dinosaurs, painting and drawing, we have the ideal toy for you: Magic Board 3D by Science4you! 

With Science4you's magic board you can draw your favourite dinosaurs and see them in 3D. Just turn on the light and put on the glasses that are included with the toy. 

You can choose from 6 different drawings or create your own. 

Recommended age: +3 years 

The Science4you 3D Magic Board is the perfect toy for children who love drawing and are fans of dinosaurs

Little ones can copy and draw one of the 6 dinosaur illustrations available or make their own creations. By turning on the light on the board and using the glasses, you can see the drawings in 3D. You can clean the board whenever you want and draw something new again . 

Toy includes: 

  • 4 Markers; 
  • 6 Illustrations of dinosaurs;
  • 3D glasses; 
  • Magic board and base with light;
  • Wipe to remove drawings; 

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