Jurassic World Explorer - Multi

VAT included

Explore the amazing Jurassic world and discover the most amazing dinosaurs with Science4you's new toy! Project over 20 different dinosaur images into your room and transform it into a fantastic and mysterious world... ready to be explored! You can even dig through the dinosaur egg to find the miniature inside! Learn how to make your own fossils out of amber or ice, and learn how to make fossil footprints out of plaster!

You can even make an amazing volcanic eruption or quicksand slime! Isn't that incredible?

Along the way, get to know each of the species that ruled the Jurassic world!

Recommended age: +5 

Travel back in time and explore the Jurassic world where you can find out all about your favourite dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus and many others)! 

With the projector torch included in the kit, have fun projecting these amazing reptiles and turn your room into a Jurassic jungle ready to be explored!

Find out how: 
- Dinosaurs emerged (and dig a Digo-egg)
- Make your own fossil made from amber or ice
- Simulate a volcanic eruption and understand how dinosaurs became extinct 

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