Fossil Excavation 3 in 1

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With Fossil Excavation 3 in 1 discover your favourite dinosaurs' fossils and become a real palaeontologist! This scientific toy includes all the tools you need to explore the 3 blocks in this kit. With the educational manual you will learn lots of interesting facts about fossils, excavation techniques and the history of dinosaur extinction.

Have fun learning with Science4you!

Recommended age: +6 years


With Science4you's Fossil Excavation you'll learn all about paleontology! Discover what fossils are, what caused the extinction of dinosaurs and the best digging techniques. This is an incredible educational toy that you can't miss.

Dig through the 3 blocks in this kit and find the Triceratops, the Tyrannosaurus rex, and the Stegosaurus. Come on and become a real paleontologist!

Includes educational manual in 7 different languages (Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Dutch)


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