Artemias Aqua Creatures

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Learn how to take care of these incredible pets typical of the Jurassic seawater: the Artemia Brine Shrimp. Follow their life cycle, from birth to adulthood, learn to distinguish between males and females and discover many other interesting things! You can also perform tricks with your friends, all you need is a torch. They'll love it!

Recommended age: 6+ Years

Discover how you can create an ecosystem and take care of your Artemia. Artemia are prehistoric living animals, a genus of crustaceans in the Triops family. Saline Artemia are able to avoid most potential predators, such as fish, due to their ability to live in very high salinity water.

This educational kit includes everything you need to create your own "water dragons":
- Artemia eggs
- food
- small aquarium
- gravel
- measuring flakes.

Instructions in 7 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German, Dutch and Italian). 

How it works: 
1) Fill the aquarium with gravel and water and lay the brine shrimp eggs;
2) Wait 1-2 days. The eggs will start to hatch.
3) Feed your new sea animal friends with food.

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