Dinosaur Toy

Dinosaurs Extinction

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Do you want to know more about dinosaurs? With this Dinosaurs toy you will find out how the dinosaurs became extinct, simulating incredible volcanic eruptions!

Discover what happened in our planet when a huge meteorite hit it and assemble an incredible dinosaurs puzzle!

Recommended age: 8+

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With this Dinosaurs toy, from Science4you, you will discover everything about dinosaurs and their extinction. You will find out how to simulate volcanic eruptions which acted in the dinosaur's extinction, assemble an incredible 3D dinosaur puzzle, create different types of volcanic eruptions and many more experiments...

If you love dinosaurs this dinosaur kids toy, full of action and eruptions, is for you! Find out which one you'll find in your box!

Product Details


Kit contents:

36 Page educational book
Red food colouring
Sodium bicarbonate
Pasteur pipette
Small measuring cup
Wooden spatula
3D wooden puzzle

Educational book: 36 pages
Experiments: 9
Pieces: 23
Age: 8+