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Magic Toy - The Science of Magic

The Science of Magic

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Do you want to be a little magician? With this magic toy you can create a magic dough that can be solid or liquid and find out all the secrets about the science that's behind incredible magic tricks!

Recommended age: 8+


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With this magic kit from Science4you you cand find out all the secrets about the science of magic. You can discover how to burst a balloon without touching it, create a magic dough that can be solid or liquid, use your magic wand to make astounding magic tricks, prepare impressive optical illusions, pierce a bag without explonding and many more experiments...

Have fun and join us in this secret world of magic for children!

Product Details

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Kit contents:

36 Page educational book
Magic wand
Magnetic marbles
Test tubes with lid
Zip-lock bags
Sodium bicarbonate
Red colouring
Blue colouring
Pasteur pipettes
Wooden stick
Wooden spatulas
Woollen strings
Large measuring cups
Small measuring cups
Modelling wires
Card with graphic elements
Sheet with graphic elements
Secret messages card
Petri dish 

Educational book: 36 pages
Experiments: 28
Contents: 44
Age: 8+