Science Kit

My First Science Kit - Special Edition

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My First Science Kit, from Science4you, will make you a little scientist for a day! You can learn how to make gigantic soap bubbles and creative digital paintings, make a fun crazy dough and much more..

Have fun and discover all the curiosities about science with this science kit!

Recommended ages: 4+


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With this Science Kit for kids you will find out how to get the colours of the rainbow with the three primary colours, make fantastic paintings with soap bubbles, grow fantastic flowers and observe living beings, produce a crazy dough which is not sure wheter it wants to be solid or liquid and many more experiments.

Have fun with this scientific toy and learn all about the funny part of science.

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Data sheet

Kit Contents:

36 Page educational book
Protective goggles
Measuring cup
Large test tubes with lid
Test tube rack
Red colouring
Blue colouring
Yellow colouring
Magnifying glass
Small test tubes with lid
Card with graphic elements
Soap bubble hoop
Camomile seeds
Cotton balls
Dropper pipette

Educational book: 36 pages
Experiments: 26
Contents: 38
Age: 4+