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Chemistry Set Kids

My First Chemistry Kit

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With My First Chemistry Kit for kids, from Science4you, you will learn all the fun curiosities about chemistry.

Write secret messages to your friends, make a colour explosion and have fun with this science toy!

Recommended age: 8+



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With this chemistry kit for kids you can be a real scientist! You will find out how to make a fun colour explosion, create a fantastic foamy column from the production of a gas, have stalactites and stalagmites due to chemistry write coloured secret messages to your friends and many more activities...

Have fun being a scientist for a day and watching chemical reactions that will blow your mind!

Product Details

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Kit contents:

36 Page educational book

Sodium bicarbonate
Red food colouring
Protective goggles
Wooden spatulas
Test tubes with lid
Large measuring cups
Small measuring cups
Pasteur pipettes
Plastic spatula
Paper filters
pH test strips

Educational book: 36 pages
Experiments: 25
Contents: 23
Age: 8+