Solar System 3D - Glow In the Dark

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Get on board for a fun spatial adventure, discover the universe and build a fantastic 3D Solar System Glow in the Dark!

With this Solar System kit you will uncover all the secrets of the universe!

Recommended age: 8+ 

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This Solar System toy, from Science4you, will help you build a fantastic 3D solar system and turn it real with paint that glows in the dark, perform a cool experimental activity that explains how Earth's atmosphere was formed enter in a fun spatial adventure by launching your rockets, simulate lunar and solar eclipses and much more...

Building this Solar System for kids is a fun way to learn all the curiosities about our universe!

Product Details

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Kit contents:

36 Page educational book

Solar system support pieces:
• Hooks and needle
• Central piece
• Rods
Phosphorescent gouaches
Decorative stickers
Styrofoam spheres
Gypsum bandages
Nylon string
Wooden stick 
Educational book: 36 pages
Activities: 21
Contents: 38
Age: 8+