FUNtastic Slime Time - Multi

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With the FUNtastic Slime Kit you can make either sticky, disgusting slimes or fluffy, smelly slimes and learn about these amazing polymers! Create crazy dough that doesn't know if it's solid or liquid and discover what non-Newtonian fluids are. Make slimy worms that slip between your fingers and bouncy balls to play with your friends!

The Science4you's FUNtastic line introduces children to the world of science through easy and fun educational experiments.

Recommended age: +8 Years 

With 8 contents and 5 experiences available, the FUNtastic Slime Kit is perfect for providing fun learning moments. 

Find out how to:
- Create your own sticky monster
- Play with a bouncy sticky ball
- Make colourful, slimy worms

Explore all the possibilities of this slimy slime kit as you discover the science behind these amazing polymers!

This slime kit includes natural ingredients, which are completely safe and lab-tested. This toy also includes an educational book in 7 languages to help you with the different experiments.

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