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Mysterious Potions - Multi

Mysterious Potions, is the new toy from Science4you! Join this fantasy world and learn how to make bubbling or glow-in-the-dark potions, together with several magical creatures and a lot of science!

With this toy children get to know the Magic Village, a mysterious place where magic becomes reality. Here they meet Master Smarty, the most experienced wizard in town, and other magical creatures (fairies, witches, goblins, giants, dragons and mermaids) who will teach the new wizard the best magic potions. Includes a magic wand and a cauldron for making potions. 

Recommended age: +8 years 

With Mysterious Potions, all it takes is a little 'magic touch' to discover how to do it:

- Make fantastic bubbling potions and potions that glow in the dark;
- Create your own necklace with a magic potion to carry with you at all times;
- Make giant soap bubbles and a magic lava lamp;
- And many more experiences...

This toy includes 32 contents and can perform 15 magical experiments. Also included is an educational book in 7 different languages that explains the science behind the experiments and is written as a narrative that moves the child to this "Magic Village". 

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