Adventure on the Farm - First Steps | Animals

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Adventure on the Farm - First Steps Animals, is Science4you's new toy with the little ones in mind! 

Have fun assembling the puzzle board, where you will find a fantastic farm! Here you will learn about each domestic animal, what each one eats and how they grow. Then, use your memory to match, for example, each animal to its food, or help your baby animal to get home!  With three game modes, this toy lets you extend the fun to the maximum!

Recommended age : +3 years 

With the Adventure on the Farm puzzle, children can have fun and discover lots of curiosities about farm animals, such as finding out what they eat or how they grow.

There are three possible game modes:
- you can put the animal - animal cards together;
- put animal - food together
- You can put adult animals and baby animals together.

This toy is available in 7 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese) 

Game + Puzzle for 1 to 3 players; 

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