Fidget Toys - Do it yourself | Multilingual

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Learn how to make each of your favourite fidget toys from scratch! Understand all about the material properties that make them so satisfying

You can play with kinetic sand, create your own pop-it and fidget spinners, make a reversible mood octopus and even a super relaxing slime

Recommended age: +6 

Enter the fantastic world of fidget toys and discover all the science behind them! Play with kinetic sand and learn about polymers! Make your own pop-it and fidget spinner and learn about the properties of materials! Even create a crazy slime that defies the laws of physics and use it to create the most amazing anti-stress ball! 

There are 14 unique experiences and 31 contents that allow you to play without limits. 

Includes educational book in 7 different languages (PT, ES, EN, FR, IT, DE and NL) 

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