Warranty Conditions
1.All articles and products of the brand are entitled to a 2 (two) year warranty under Decree-Law no. 84/2008 of 21 May which establishes the legal regime for the compliance of movable goods with the respective purchase and sale contract.

2. Under the law, the warranty applied to the products only covers damages and / or defects of origin and factory of the same.

3. The warranty period starts at the time of purchase of the item, the start date being the date shown on the item's invoice.

Conditions Request for Repair
1. Upon signing this contract, the customer will understand and accept all points in this implicit without reservation.

2. All information treated during the repair process must be treated via e-mail, so that both the brand and the customer can be safeguarded.

3. Replaced parts will necessarily be considered electronic waste and will therefore be properly recycled under Decree-Law No. 152-D / 2107, of 11 December, which approves the legal regime for the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment ( WEEE).

4. Under Decree-Law no. 47344, Article 1323 of the Civil Code, all equipment not picked up in store after 30 (thirty) days, and after contact with the store that the item is available for collection, will have associated costs of storage in the amount of 2 € (two euros) per day + VAT until the total value of the item is reached. After the value of the item has been accumulated, the equipment will be considered abandoned, so Science4you reserves the right to recycle the item or assign it to any other purpose that it deems most convenient.

5.If the same equipment is sent for 3 (three) consecutive times for repair with the same anomaly report, in which it has not occurred previously, the customer will be responsible for covering the shipping costs to which the repair will be subject. .

6. The warranty of the articles does not cover the most diverse damages of misuse, among which:

- Physical / visible damage (eg drop marks, dents, opening marks, broken components);

- Damage caused by negligence (eg, contact with fire and / or water, electrical and / or atmospheric disturbances).

7. If it turns out that the software is not the original or any other authorized by the brand, the equipment will lose the warranty right.

Warranty repairs
1.All products purchased at Science4you have a legal guarantee of conformity of 2 (two) years from the respective delivery to the customer, provided that the brand warranty conditions are met. In order for the customer to activate the legal guarantee, it is necessary to present the purchase invoice at any Science4you establishment.

2. The comprehensive warranty for any equipment will only be activated if it is accompanied by its original accessories, as well as the respective purchase receipt.

3. The warranty for a repaired or replaced item will be valid for the remainder of the warranty period, plus repair time.

Out-of-warranty repairs
1. Any and all equipment that is not covered by the warranty is subject to a repair quote. This quote is presented to the customer who can choose to accept or refuse it, without any additional cost.

2. The payment of the repair must be made in advance, at the time of acceptance of the budget, through ATM reference.

3. Science4you will not be responsible for any direct, accidental, special or consequential losses or damages, including downtime costs, damages resulting from loss of data, replacement of software or obtaining replacement products or services and loss of profits.