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Slime Kit - Sparkling Slime

Sparkling Slime

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Do you want to be a sparkling slime expert? With this Slime Kit from Science4you you can explore your creativity and make yucky sparkling and fun coloured worms!

Recommended age: 8+



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This Slime Factory, from Science4you, will allow you to create coloured slime worms, make crazy pink slime, create a scented slime and a sticky sparkling dough, make fantastic yucky monsters and home-made play dough and many more experiments...

If you want to have fun and be a slime expert you have to try this slime making kit!

Product Details

Kit Contents:

36 Page educational book
Pink colouring
Calcium chloride
Sodium alginate
Protective goggles
Pasteur pipettes
Small measuring cups
Wooden spatulas
Educational book: 36 pages
Experiments: 14
Contents: 15
Age: 8+