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Slime Factory

Slime Factory - Slippery Slugs

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Learn everything about slime with this Slime Factory - Slippery Slugs and make yucky monsters and crazy play dough!

Recommended age: 8+

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With this slime factory, from Science4you, you can find out everything about slime, create a fun and viscous dough, create invisible medusas and colourful worms and make fantastic sticky monsters!

Have fun exploring your creativity and making the funniest slimes ever!

Product Details

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Kit Contents:

36 Page educational book
Green food colouring
Red food colouring
Sodium alginate
Guar gum
Calcium chloride
Flask for the sodium alginate solution
Protective goggles
Protective gloves
Pasteur pipettes
Test tubes with lids
Large measuring cups
Small measuring cups
Plastic container
Wooden spatulas
Plastic bags with zip-lack
Educational book: 36 pages
Experiments: 17
Age: 8+