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Wizard Science

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Have you ever imagined entering a school of witchcraft and become a real wizard?
Learn to levitate objects in enchantment class and create invisible inks and colors that teleport themselves in potions class!
If you prove that you are a capable wizard, you can still meet magical creatures and learn how to make a dragon egg!

Recommended age: +8 years


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With this magical toy for real wizards you will be able to:
  • Prepare your wizard equipment including a feather pen and hat;
  • Make enchantment magic potions and decode old magic messages;
  • Play and meet some of the most importante creatures of the world

Raise your wizard wand and enter this scientifical and magical world of witchcrafts!

Product Details

Kit Contents:
  • 36 Page educational book
  • Classroom/book box
  • Crystal ball/cauldron base card
  • Paper bats
  • Decoding card
  • MagiZoology cards
  • Wizard's glasses
  • Wizard's wand
  • Pasteur Pipettes
  • Red colouring
  • Paper clips
  • Bowl
  • Fearther
  • Magnets
  • Ballons 
  • Wooden spatula
  • Large measuring cup
  • Small measuring cup
  • Test tube with lid
  • Paper fastener