Explosive Science - Kaboom

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Be an amazing scientist while making astounding explosions! Make rockets, effervescent bombs, colour explosions and more to astound your friends and family.
Recommended ages: 8+

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Find out how:
  • Creat simple scientific explosions with simple ingredients that you have at home;
  • To build fun rockets, fizzy bombs or create different types of explosions;
  • Impress you friends and family by piercing a ballon without making it explode;
  • And much more activities!

Product Details

6 Items
Pasteur Pipettes
Green and red food colouring
Small and large measuring cups with lids
Citric acid
Sodium bicarbonate
Origami sheet
Plastic bags
Wooden spatula
Papers filters
Educational Book: 36 pages
Activities: 14
Contents: 22
Age grade: 8+