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Scientific toy

Antivirus Laboratory

VAT included
With this Scientific toy you can become a microbiology scientist and discover how to make your own soap, mask and face shield and learn how to wash your hands properly!

Find out what immunology is, while having fun!

Recommended Age: 8+


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With this incredible Scientific toy, from Science4you, you will become a true microbiology scientist and create your own experimental culture medium to grow microbes and fungus! Learn what immunology is, how viruses and bacteria are dispersed and how you can protect yourself from viruses, fungus and bacteria.

Moreover, you can make a protective face shield for kids, make soap and learn how to wash your hands properly.

Have fun discovering more about the invisible world of microbres!

Product Details

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Kit contents:

36 Page educational book
Petri dishes
Pasteur pipette
Large measuring cup
Test tubes with lids
Zip-lock bags
Acetate sheet
Elastic band
Rubber band
Paper fasteners
Non-woven fabric (Dextex)
Decorative stickers
Card with graphic elements
Soap base
Soap mould

Educational book: 36 pages
Activities: 15
Contents: 31
Age: 8+