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Make Perfumes - Perfumes and Scents

Perfumes and Scents - Super Lab

VAT included
Learn how to make your own perfumes, massage oils and hair fresheners! Have fun creating different homemade perfumes and give them to your friends!

Recommended Age: 8+


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The Perfumes and Scents - Super Lab from Science4you, will allow you to discover how to make perfumes, create you own air fresheners, produce your own rose tonic, make perfume paintings and learn how to use different techniques to create frangant perfumes.

Product Details

Kit Contents: 

36 Page educational book
Sugar (100.0 g)
Liquid glycerine (20.0 ml)
Peach perfume base (5.0 ml)
Fresh perfume base (5.0 ml)
Vanilla perfume base (5.0 ml)
Blue cosmetic colouring (5.0 ml)
Tea bag (1.8 g each)

  • Green
  • Red berries

Perfume bottles
Large measuring cups
Small measuring cups
Pasteur pipettes
Decorative stickers
Plastic spatula
Test tubes with lids
Tes tube rack

Paper filters
Wooden spatulas
Wooden stickes
Test strips
Educational book: 36 pages
Activities: 13
Contents: 63
Age: 8+