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Lipstick Factory

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Do you love makeup? With this makeup toy you can make your own incredible coloured home-made lipsticks and perfumed lip glosses.

Recommended Age: 8+

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With this makeup set for children, from Science4you, you can find out how to produce coloured lipsticks, make your own lush lip gloss, make home-made lipsticks with fun ingredients like crayons or honey and discover mysteries with lipsticks like a real scientist.

Have fun with the Lipstick Factory making your own makeup!

Product Details

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Kit Contents:

36 Page educational book
Lipstick mould
Lipstick tubes
Lip gloss flasks
Carnauba wax
Castor oil
Pasteur pipettes
Small measuring cups
Stawberry fragrance
Pineapple fragrance
Red cosmetic colouring
Orange cosmetic colouring
Plastic spatulas
Cosmetic bag
Educational book: 36 pages
Experiments: 6
Age: 8+