Studio Lab - Be a Youtuber

VAT included

Use your Youtuber kit to create your own youtube science channel and record videos of the most viral science experiments to share with your friends. With this kit you can make explosive bombs, a lava lamp, a mini rocket ,a fireproof balloon and much more.
Grab your clapper board, say " action and enter this amazing world of viral science.

Recommended Age: 8+

Unleash your creativity and find out how to create a YouTube channel. Record amazing science videos to share with your friends, learn editing and interaction tips with your audience and make scientific experiments more viral and fun.

Kit Contents: 

-36 Page educational book 
-Rocket decorative elements
-Youtuber scientist´s suitcase
- Large measuring cup
-Small measuring cup
-Sodium bicarbonate
-Rocket cup with lid
-Protective goggles
-Identification card
-Pasteur pipettes
-Volcano mould
-Wooden Spatula
-Plastic spatula
-Red colouring
-Blue colouring
-Zip-Lock bangs
-Citric acid

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