Vegan Chocolate

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Are you a fan of chocolate? And of vegan chocolate? Then we have the perfect toy for you, the Vegan Chocolate

With Vegan Chocolate you'll learn how to replace ingredients in your recipes without taking away their amazing flavor. Learn how to make delicious scientific chocolate recipes with only ingredients of vegetable origin, such as organic cocoa or flaxseed. 

With this toy you will also discover a lot of interesting facts about veganism and the so-called vegetarian diet. Learn about the role of ingredients and their nutritional value, write down all the recipes on the recipe pad, and learn how to make a mini candy display case. The end result of these experiments are delicious, vegan snacks with your friends!

Recommended age: +8 years

Vegan Chocolate, a science toy focused on the vegan world that will allow children to learn more about this lifestyle while discovering organic and 100% vegan ingredients. There are more than 30 contents and 15 amazing experiences in one kit. 

Find out how: 
- Make a mug cake, brownies, and a creamy mousse with 100% vegan ingredients;
- Prepare delicious ice cream for a summer afternoon or a hot chocolate for a cold winter night;
- Cook only with plant-based ingredients and discover their nutritional value.

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