Maths Challenge - Amusement Park

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Enter this amazing maths amusement park where, around every corner, you'll find a fantastic game or challenge to enjoy with your family and friends!

Discover how mathematics is related to every detail in this mathematical amusement park! Play a geometry "Who's who?" with your geoplane! Get to know the game of 24 and become a multiplication master! Discover how you can make different shapes with the tangram and decode secret codes with Mastermind! Learn with the fantastic math rooster game! All while creating amazing memories with your family and friends!

Recommended age: +6 years 

Develop your logical thinking, increase your calculation capacity and share good times with your family and friends. 

Find out how: 

  • Play a geometry "who's who" game; 
  • Master the game of 24 and become a master of multiplication; 
  • Decode secret codes with Mastermind 
  • And many more games and challenges... 


  • 12 Challenges 
  • 31 Contents 

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