International Toys Events

Regarding its aim to become an international brand, Science4you has been attending important international toy fairs around the world since the year of 2012.

These events are fundamental for the business’s continued growth given that these actions congregate thousands of visitors and diverse international companies, both extremely relevant since they help on the establishment of new business relationships and of a stronger network. Moreover the participation in this sort of events is vital for businesses wishing to increase its operations in the toy and games industry worldwide.


Establishing contacts with partners and distributors around the world is the main goal of the participation in these events. Consequently 2015 continues to reflect the investment in the internationalization process, therefore in toy fairs in several countries.

In the end of 2015, Science4you was present in 27 countries, much due to its investment in these events. The attendance in toy fairs facilitates the constant networking development, new business relationships and market benchmarking, which prompts to the establishment of innovative ideas for Science4you toys.


The support of the "Portuguese Strategic Reference Frameworks - (QREN)", under "SI Qualification and Internationalisation of small and medium enterprises", in the category "Individual Project", was fundamental to the accomplishment of certain goals, mainly the London Toy Fair 2015, Hong Kong Toys and Game Fair 2015 and Nuremberg Toy Fair, which highlight the year of 2015.


The year of 2014 points out the expansion of Science4you’s presence into new international toy fairs. Besides London Toy Fair and Nuremberg Toy Fair, the company exhibits its products for the first time at the Spring Fair International 2014 and the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2014.


Science4you’s participation in international fairs, such as London Toy Fair 2014, Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014, Hong Kong 2014, and London Spring Fair 2014 were once again an investment partially supported by the Portuguese Strategic Reference Frameworks.


After a successful first attendance in international toy fairs in 2012, in the following year, Science4you reinforces its presence in these events, intending to raise the contact’s network and to stimulate new business relationships that make possible the development of the presence in new markets.

Yet again, Science4you’s participation at International Fairs (the London Toy fair 2013 and the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013), was an investment supported and integrated in the project QREN.


2012 symbolizes the inception of Science4you’s journey in the long course of international toy fairs.


The company’s presence at London Toy Fair 2012 constitutes the first stage in the beginning of its activity in the United Kingdom in addition to a clear focus on the English language market. The fair that took place at London’s exhibition centre Olympia and reckoned more than 180 fair stands and thousands of visitors. Given the fair’s location (London), we can state that it was essential for the company’s international growth.

Nuremberg Toy Fair, the better known European international toy fair, held in February, first counted with Science4you’s participation in 2012. With more than 2.500 exhibitors and almost 80.000 visitors, Nuremberg became the "city of toys". Ever since its foundation, Science4you counted on QREN’s support in order to part of this kind of events.