Can you find all the triangles? Your eyes could be lying!

The Triangles Challenge

Some days ago, the Internet broke down due to the enigma purposed by Kumar Ankit, which was also posted by us on our Facebook. Did you think you got the answer, little scientist? You all gave us lot of possible answers, so we are going to show up the answer now and check if someone was able to found all the triangles!

How all started…

This challenge was launched at the beginning of July by Kumar Ankit on a maths challenge’s site. However, it has become into viral in last days since not many people get the right answer, although it is much easier than it looks like….

Te question is really simple: How many triangles are there? But people is divided off due to the answer, as some see lot of triangles, and some only few.

Equilateral, Isosceles, or Scalene

Triangles are geometrics figures with 3 sides. There are 3 types of triangles, which are Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene. Did you know that little scientist? Let’s explain these three types of triangles:

  • Equilateral triangles have no differences between their sides.
  • Isosceles triangles just have 2 sides which are similar, the third one is different.
  • Scalene triangles have no similar sides, which mean that all of theirs are different.

This is one of the reasons why this image causes so many different opinions, as we can see other triangles different from the most common equilateral triangle.

And, what is the answer?

Martin Silvertant, one of the maths site’s webmaster, seems to get the right answer and he shared a photo where he explained the solution.

Here we can find 24 triangles! So that is the right answer, little scientist, but we do not stop here…

The original image contains the author’s signature, which have generated even more discussions about whether he wanted to create a new triangle when writing the letter “A”. If it was right, there would be 25 triangles instead of 24! Nevertheless, yesterday’s shared imaged explained that 24 is the right answer.

What do you think about that, little scientist? Did you get the right answer? We hope to have been useful in order to understand the answer and you learnt more about triangles, and be aware, we could post more challenges in future!

- Science4you-

Gonçalo Marcelino
Gonçalo Marcelino


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